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Asus Laptop Batteries & AC Adapters

If you have an Asus with a battery problem, it will be much cheaper to replace the battery than the computer. Asus has been making internal parts for multiple computer brands for years. Recently, they branched out and began a laptop line. Asus is a performance laptop computer, designed with gamers and graphic designers in mind. The laptops range in price from value computers to high-end models. The line has gotten a lot of acclaim and the batteries are considered very good for sustaining such high levels of power. However, like all laptops, something can go wrong even with excellent products. Asus laptop models are designated by letter, such as the A, F, X, and Z series lines. The batteries Asus designed are specific to each line and model. The wrong battery can harm your machine, so check that your model number is in our compatibility list for the battery.