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Dell Laptop Car Adapters, Compaq Laptop Air Adapters, IBM Air/Auto Adapters

The laptop has become a necessity for frequent travelers. Most people nowadays don't leave home without their laptop. If you travel a lot, you will probably need to charge or get power to your laptop in the car or on a plane. Auto/Air adapters help you safely convert the electricity source in a car or airplane to work with your laptop. They can be bought with protection built in against over voltage while using a laptop plugged into your car or on a plane. These auto adapters and air adapters are each compatible with multiple laptop models. They are usually built by specific laptop companies, such as Dell, IBM, or Compaq. Dell makes a slim AC/auto/air adapter that takes up less space in the confines of a car or plane, not to mention your laptop bag. The product specs will list what brands and models are compatible with each adapter.

DELL 310-8814 Slim Auto/Air AC Adapter
Cable: Standard AC power cable, 4-pin DC power cable.
$89.99 $79.99
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Laptop Car Adapter for Compaq Evo & Presario Series
Cables included: Included
Voltage Provided: 16 Volts
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