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Dell Laptop Zip Drives, External Zip Drives

When the zip drive came out in 1994, did jump at the chance to store tons more data in one place than was previously possible on a floppy disc? A zip drive for a laptop is similar to a floppy disc drive. They hold much more than an old floppy disc could, usually about 100 MB of storage. If you need to transfer information from your old zip drives to more modern storage devices, certain models of Dell notebook computers have the capability of housing an integrated zip drive in the front media bay of the laptop. Dell Inspiron 5000 and Dell Inspiron 5000e, Dell Inspiron 7000, and Dell Inspiron 7500 models are all compatible with Dell manufactured internal zip drives numbered 2377T and 2338U. These are relatively inexpensive adjustments to make to these laptops if you need a zip drive.